Outcomes of Verneuil’s disease treatment using various types of artificial dermis

H.Tchero * (Montpellier , France)



Topical wound oxygen as an adjunct treatment in healing chronic ulcerations

M.Turkos *, M.Garoufalis  (Oceanside, CA, United States)



Determination of the fluid hodling capacity (FHC) and protein retention of the new monofilament debrider device Debrisoft® Lolly

C.Wiegand *, K.Reddersen , M.Abel , C.Schmalenbach , W.Harreither , U.-C.Hipler  (Jena, Germany)



In-vitro evaluations of some of the key benefits of a non-adherent Hydropolymer dressing in applications where shear forces are present.

C.Hill *, D.Parker , J.Thistlethwaite , T.Lane  (Skipton, United Kingdom)



Comparison of antibacterial effects on P. aeruginosa and S. aureus biofilm of a class III PHMB releasing foam and a class IIb PHMB non-releasing foam

C.Wiegand *, K.Reddersen , M.Abel , S.deLange , P.Ruth , U.-C.Hipler  (Jena, Germany)



Randomised controlled study evaluating the clinical benefits of a cellulose acetate mesh coated with a soft silicone in the management of acute wounds

A.-C.Pierrefeu-Lagrange , M.Karine , C.Hoss *, B.Cullen , T.Lane  (Paris, France)



Case series demonstrating the performance and safety of a novel superabsorbing dressing* in high exuding chronic wounds – first results

S.De Lange , S.Wolber *, Y.Scheuenstuhl , M.Abel  (Hannover-Wettbergen, Germany)



Assessment of efficacy and tolerability of a new developed hydroactive wound dressing*

S.De Lange *, M.Schmitz , M.Abel  (Rengsdorf, Germany)



Assessment of the compatibility of a non-adhering dressing and CNP foam during NPWT in vitro

C.Wiegand *, M.Abel , S.deLange , P.Ruth , U.-C.Hipler  (Jena, Germany)



Tolerability and safety during wound treatment – Preliminary data of an ongoing clinical study on an new developed surgical wound dressing*

C.Roes *, M.Abel (Rengsdorf, Germany)



A newly developed monofilament-fibre debridement tool* - A clinical study on 170 patients in daily practice

N.Kolbig , T.Blum  , A.Bueltemann , J.Dissemond , T.Eberlein , J.Foster , K.Glockemann , G.Riepe , I.Stoffels , U.Wagner , L.Wördehoff  , J.Stephen Haynes  , R.Callaghan  , C.Morris , M.Schmitz , C.Roes *, M.Abel  (Rengsdorf, Germany)



Outcomes of diabetic foot ulcer treatment using various types of artificial dermis, meta-analysis and result of our practices at the CHU Montpellier

H.Tchero* (Montpellier, France)